Hood River County

Community Development

Director’s Message

A Department Focused on Service, Results and Improvement
Message from the Director

Welcome to Hood River County and the Community Development Department. The department is responsible for a managing a number of diverse functions and special programs, everything from overseeing building and planning departments to veterans’ affairs. As such, the department aspires to cooperatively and positively engage diverse organizations and interests, always aiming to successfully resolve routine and complex challenges in the public, private and governmental sectors.

Our department places focus on high-quality customer service and recognizes that because change happens, we’ve got to keep things moving in a positive fashion. We continuously monitor change to be able to adapt quickly and effectively. Our ability to change with the times, the situation, and the organization is what helps us in maintaining a contemporary focus that is consistent with adaptations in laws and regulations. It’s also an adventure that always seems to provide new opportunities.

Moreover, our department recognizes results are important in everything we do. Results come from effective time management, focusing on the highest priorities, professional staff contributions, high standards, a single-minded focus when needed, building and maintaining trust, competence and character. A challenging, ongoing aspect in regard to our department and program administration is the requirement to increase effectiveness.

Our department and staff take pride in that we take initiative, care about our jobs, and try to manage our many responsibilities well. If you have any suggestion on how our department and functions can improve, please let me know.