Hood River County

Community Development

Building Code & Inspection

Hood River County Building Code Services process applications and permits ensuring compliance with Oregon State Codes, State Laws & Local Ordinances. 

At this time, we are serving the public by phone, email, or by appointment only. To leave a message for the Building Department staff, please email us or contact us by phone at (541) 386-1306


Hood River County Building Codes Services primary responsibilities are receiving and processing applications and permits for the erection, siting, and alterations and occupancy of buildings and structures, including residential, farm, commercial and industrial. Building Codes ensures compliance with the Oregon Specialty (Building) Codes and other application State laws and local ordinances. Additionally, Building Codes issues notices and orders or subpoenas for noncompliance with State and local building codes at the discretion of the Building Official or Community Development Director.

Building Codes administration in Hood River County is multifaceted: HRC ‘owns’ the building codes program for the entire county outside of city limits for the City of Hood River. HRC owns the plumbing and electrical portions of the program inside the City of Hood River. The City of Hood River owns the structural and mechanical portions of the building codes program within their city limits. HRC owns the entire program for the City of Cascade Locks.