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How to Testify

How to Testify at Land Use Hearings

Hood River County Planning Commission Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Agenda's are typically available seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting. These meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged.


tips for giving public testimony

The following tips were written by the Oregon Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee (CIAC).


1. Be familiar with the group's process

  • Attend one of the group's meetings in advance to observe process and procedures
  • Find out how many copies of your testimony are needed
  • Determine how much time you will have to speak

2. Addressing the public body

  • Formally introduce and identify yourself
  • Appeal to your audience
  • Control your feelings
  • Anticipate questions you may receive
  • Thank the group members

3. If several members of a group are testifying

  • Each person should cover different topics to avoid repetition
  • Be aware of overall time to speak